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License Restrictions

  • Last Modified: 2019-07-18

BuildMaster is licensed by number of users on an annual or perpetual basis.

Licensing Overview

BuildMaster Free has no user limit and includes all the features of BuildMaster Enterprise with two important differences:

  1. Every authenticated user in the system is authorized to perform any function, effectively making every authenticated user a System Administrator
  2. "View-only" access for all unauthenticated users (see Specific Guest Account Tasks for complete list of granted task attributes)

BuildMaster Enterprise is restricted only by the number of licensed users.

Users in BuildMaster are granted a license the moment they log-in to the software, at which point they become named users. If a license grant increases the number of named users beyond the number of licensed users as determined by the license key, a licensing error will be generated and require administrator intervention.

Named users are listed on the "Licensing & Activation" page within the software, and can be delicensed at any time, allowing another user to claim the license, or to fix licensing errors that would occur if named users exceed the number of users permitted by the license key.

License Keys

For more information on License Key Management and Activation, visit the docs here.

Previous and Unsupported Versions

Prior to v6.0, BuildMaster Free was restricted to 5 users, 10 applications, and 5 servers. Additionally, this version had the same privilege evaluation as the current BuildMaster Enterprise, i.e. it did not treat free users as administrators.

There have been a few licensing programs that have since been discontinued and are no longer supported:

  • BuildMaster Plus Edition (feature-based licensing model introduced in v3.5)
  • Limited/Approval-only users
  • Inedo VIP program (5 seat Enterprise Annual license)

Multiple License Keys

Due in part to the now-deprecated BuildMaster Plus edition, prior to v6.0 multiple license keys were allowed in BuildMaster, but it is recommended that all keys besides the current one should be deleted to prevent confusion and ease the upgrade process.

The licensing page makes it clear which license key is in effect, though the the precedence rules could affect the active key in some scenarios, for example, an Enterprise Annual key expires when a Free key exists in the system. The ordering rules are evaluated as follows:

  1. Non-expired keys over expired keys
  2. Non-BuildMaster-Plus keys over Plus keys
  3. Enterprise keys over other types
  4. Enterprise keys with greater user counts over fewer
  5. Expiration dates further into the future over nearer

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