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Building a PHP, Python, or Other Static Application

  • Last Modified: 2019-08-27

A lot of developers work with source code that does not require a typical "build" task, but still requires packaging. If you have source code written in PHP or Python you'll know that you don't require a build step in your deployment process. However, you'll still want to implement a pipeline for packaging and deploying your code to different stages.

An artifact is just a zip file that contains the entire application or component that will be deployed to each environment. All of the files! Not just the ones that changed

Package an Application's Source Code as a Build Artifact

If your source code is stored a Git repository you can create your git credentials and have them point directly to your repository.

    Credentials: hdars-git,    
    Branch: dev

Create-Artifact HDarsPhpSite

Now that you have your deployable artifact you can utilize a new BuildMaster plan to deploy your artifact to a different target in your pipeline.

Deploy-Artifact HDarsPhpSite
    To: /var/www/HdarsPhpSite

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