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Create a Azure Cloud Services package for deployment

  • Last Modified: 2019-07-17

BuildMaster can be used to build, test, and deploy any type of application, that includes Azure Cloud Services

To deploy an Azure Cloud Services project, you essentially need two files:

  • a Cloud Service package file .cspkg that contains your compiled code that will run as a service.
  • a Cloud Service config file .cscfg contains XML that determines configuration details for your Cloud Service.

These 2 files are created when you build a Cloud Services Project and are used by Azure to provision and configure your Cloud Service instance in Azure. Upon a successful build these 2 files can be found in this path: <ProjectPath>\bin\<Configuration>\app.publish which should be stored as a variable in your build plan to be used in your Publish-AzureServiceProject command.

set $projectPath = "C:\SourceCode\CloudServiceApp\";
set $csOutputFilePath = "$projectPath\bin\<Configuration>\app.publish";

In order to create the 2 Cloud Service Package files from BuildMaster you can use the MSBuild::Build-Project operation. Simply add this operation into your plan and complete the form with the values that relate to your Cloud Service project.

Sample Plan:

MSBuild::Build-Project <pathToProject>\<web-project>.csproj
    Configuration: Debug,
    Platform: AnyCPU,
    Arguments: /t:Publish /p:TargetProfile=Local /p:AutomatedBuild=True
    To: <pathToProject>\<web-project>

This plan effectively runs this "msbuild.exe" command

msbuild <web_app.csproj> /t:Publish /p:TargetProfile=Local /p:AutomatedBuild=True

Next Steps

Now that you have created the .cspkg and .cscfg files you can use them to create your Cloud Service in Azure. From within a Powershell operation, the Azure PowerShell command Publish-AzureServiceProject is used to build the .cspkg and upload it. This can be added to your deploy plan by using the PSExec operation.

Sample Plan:

Execute-PowerShell Publish-AzureServiceProject -package $csOutputFilePath\AzureCloudService1.cspkg -config $csOutputFilePath\ServiceConfiguration.Local.cscfg;

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